No refund is provided on cancellation.

Termination Of Membership:
1. NATIONAL CONSUMER RIGHTS & ANTI CRIME BUREAU(NCR&ACB) reserves the right to terminate Membership  during misconduct in terms of failing to provide best
service to clients as per the commitment/misusing of name of organization for their personal benefits/ other ways which effects companies goodwill. Other Terms & Conditions Applied.

Privacy Policy

NCR&ACB is taking only the basic contact information of the participants and shall be used only for the purpose of communication and process of our business concept.
What’s a Cookies Policy?

Policies are put into place on websites to help inform users of different, important topics.
For example, a Privacy Policy is used to inform users about the collection and use of any personal or private data, and a Refund/Returns Policy of an e-commerce store informs users of their rights and processes/procedures to return goods and obtain refunds.
A Cookies Policy is the policy where users can find detailed information about the types of cookies a website uses, how these cookies are used, and how users can control cookies placement through limiting or forbidding a website to place cookies on his/her electronic device.
A Privacy Policy will often include a section within it that covers Cookies. However, in the EU, having a fully separate Cookies Policy is required.
In this case, any information about cookies can also be placed in the Privacy Policy agreement but then referenced in the separate policy on cookies.